um im sorry

um im sorry


you might as well wear a condom on your head if you’re gonna act like a dick 

Disney Meme: [1/10] Favorite Male Characters » Troy Bolton

"Sometimes I don’t wanna be the basketball guy. I just wanna be a guy, you know?"


in what universe is this a normal way to get out of a chair


I hope that John almost dies, I don’t want a small wound like, John definitely should almost die because Sherlock would freak out like so much and would totally panic and be half crazy with fear and also ready to kill someone and would cry and like they could also hold hands at the hospital and Sherlock would watch John sleep and it would be really cute 


four times Sherlock was alarmed by sex and the one time he wasn’t


How are we feeling about that?

for shinka


they are so stupid tho they love and worship each other so much but they’re clueless to the other’s love and devotion so they cyclically fuck it up by playing it cool because they think it’s unrequited but they fuck that up too if they don’t get together at the end of this you’re going to hear about me on the news